Nanette Cook is a pro-business, pro-family conservative committed to a safe and prosperous future for Lafayette Parish families and businesses. Nanette Cook is running to make a difference!

Roads and Traffic

Nanette Cook has existing relationships with members of our legislative delegation. She will work closely with our new City-Parish President and her colleagues on the Council to prioritize key projects so that we can speak together with one voice. Then, we can work with our legislative delegation to ensure the introduction and advancement of our projects through the Capital Outlay process.

Traffic Reduction Programs

While we’re working on funding for key road projects, there’s a lot we can learn from other places around the nation who have faced these kinds of problems for decades. There is a lot of “low hanging fruit” when it comes to transportation management. Nanette will work with the next City-Parish President to make traffic reduction strategies a priority -- Carpooling, Vanpooling, Corporate Rideshare, Park ‘n Ride and related transportation strategies have been used in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Houston for decades. Strategies to manage traffic load during peak commuting hours can reduce both wear on roads and commute times, by up to 30%. These strategies can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of construction.

Taxes and Spending

Lafayette Parish Consolidated Government has enjoyed a steady increase in locally generated revenues over the past 10 years. Local sales tax revenue has increased an average of 7% per year over the last decade. Local property tax revenue has increased over 11% per year over the last decade. We need to take a hard look at our spending priorities and make responsible choices regarding what is most important to our parish.

Major Projects (Metro Loop & I-49)

Major transportation projects like I-49 South and Metro Loop are important to Nanette Cook.  These major transportation projects require long-term communication and cooperation between Federal, State and Local stakeholders. Nanette supports the work of the I-49 Task Force and the Metro Loop planning group. These projects require long term commitment and diligence even though they may be years from breaking ground. Thoughtful planning and development of these major transportation initiatives is vital to the future economic success of the region.


Nanette Cook is committed to fair treatment for all parts of Lafayette Parish. In her multiple meetings with the Broussard City Council, they have made clear their concern that LCG is pitting the City of Lafayette against the other communities in our parish. As Councilwoman for District 7, Nanette Cook will work together with the new City-Parish President and the Mayor and Council of Broussard to ensure all parts of her District, and the parish, are treated fairly.


Nanette Cook is committed to improving the Lafayette Airport for the benefit of the entire parish. The recent successful passage of a temporary 1 cent sales tax to help finance a new terminal is the first new tax approved by voters in 30 years. Nanette Cook is committed to working with the Airport Commission, her colleagues on the Council and the new Administration to carefully track the progress of these airport improvements, ensuring they stay on schedule and on budget.  

Safe Parks

Nanette Cook believes that safe places for recreation and exercise are important to our quality of life here in Lafayette Parish.  Nanette Cook is committed to working with local law enforcement, including our new Sheriff to see that all of our parks and public facilities are safe and properly patrolled. With her background in health and fitness, Nanette Cook knows the value of quality health and recreational programs. A healthier community is a happier community.


If you have questions for Nanette about her plans, please contact John Cook at (337) 303-8308 or email